Distinguished Lecture 1

October 13 (Thu.) 13:10-14:10Room 1 (Main Hall)

Clinical relevance of CYP4 family enzymes

President's Lecture

October 14 (Fri.) 14:50-15:10Room 1 (Main Hall)

The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics: Shift from private organization to general incorporated association

Commemorative Symposium for the 30th Anniversary of JSSX

October 14 (Fri.) 9:00-11:15Room 1 (Main Hall)

Symposium 1

October 13 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30Room 1 (Main Hall)

Novel movements of regulation on pharmacokinetics

Part 1 : Drug interactions
Part 2 : Microsampling

Symposium 2

October 13 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30Room 2 (Middle Hall)

Prediction of Drug Metabolism: current status and future directions

Symposium 3

October 13 (Thu.) 9:00-11:00Room 3 (International Conference Room)

Present state and future prospects for clinical application of pharmacogenetics

Symposium 4

October 13 (Thu.) 9:00-11:30Room 4 (Conference Room No.2)

New frontier of analytical technology for drug development

Symposium 5

October 13 (Thu.) 14:20-16:50Room 1 (Main Hall)

Factors that modulate the life cycle and function of drug-metabolizing enzymes: gene regulation, protein degradation, polymorphism, disease and drug toxicity

Symposium 6

October 13 (Thu.) 14:20-16:50Room 2 (Middle Hall)

Immune-mediated drug hypersensitivity reaction

Symposium 7

October 13 (Thu.) 14:20-16:50Room 3 (International Conference Rooml)

Mastermind approach to brain-targeted drug delivery : From small molecules toward new modalities

Symposium 8

October 13 (Thu.) 14:20-16:50Room 4 (Conference Room No.2)

New trends in clinical pharmacokinetic research enhancing precise solutions for developing & fostering of drugs

Symposium 9

October 14 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30Room 2 (Middle Hall)

Application of biomarker Research and Drug Discovery

Symposium 10

October 14 (Fri.) 9:00-11:30Room 3 (International Conference Room)

Practical use of quantitative systems pharmacology modeling in drug discovery and development stage

Symposium 11

October 14 (Fri.) 14:50-16:50Room 2 (Middle Hall)

Common interest of regenerative medicine and pharmacokinetic studies: Generation of novel materials useful for drug discovery research

JSSX-KSAP Joint Symposium

October 14 (Fri.) 14:50-16:50Room 3 (International Conference Room)

Transporters-based pharmacokinetics in physiology and disease

Opening remarks
Closing remarks

Symposium 12

October 15 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30Room 1 (Main Hall)

Application of transporter research tools for drug discovery

Symposium 13

October 15 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30Room 2 (Middle Hall)

In silico technology in the interface research field vitalizing DMPK research at drug

Symposium 14

October 15 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30Room 3 (International Conference Room)

New approaches for the research and development of the therapeutic antibodies

Symposium 15

October 15 (Sat.) 9:00-11:30Room 3 (International Conference Room)

Next-generation nanomedicine led by young scientists

Symposium 16

October 15 (Sat.) 13:20-15:50Room 1 (Main Hall)

Humanized animal models for drug metabolism studies: current state and issues

2nd Predoctoral Symposium for Front-Line Scientists

October 14 (Fri.) 14:50-16:50Room 4 (Conference Room No.2)

Developing the future by up-and-coming pharmacokinetic studies

Basic Course

October 15 (Sat.) 13:20-15:50Room 3 (International Conference Rooml)