Message from the Chair of the 31st JSSX Annual Meeting

It is my great honor and pleasure to hold the 31st JSSX Annual Meeting, October 13-15, 2016, at Kissei Bunka Hall (Nagano-ken Matsumoto Bunka Kaikan) and Matsumoto City General Gymnasium in Matsumoto (Nagano prefecture).

The Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics information on new drugs obtained from preclinical and clinical studies is thought to be very important to provide optimal pharmacotherapy. Recently, new drug candidates have been targeted to not only low molecular weight chemicals but also middle and high molecular weight compounds. Due to these changes, several unanticipated problems were encountered in the study of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. However, many problems associated with the study have been being steadily solved by researchers including JSSX members. On the other hand, it is not easy to avoid high-risk/high-return investment in drug discovery and development. The flow of this trend seems to be rather accelerated. The JSSX has been supported and developed by researchers in a broad variety of research fields, such as drug metabolism research, drug transporter research, biopharmaceutics, pharmacogenetics, and analytical chemistry. The JSSX annual meeting has passed a significant milestone of its 30th anniversary and I fully realize the great history. To entrust our dream to the next generation of young scientists, I decided on the overall theme for this meeting as follows; "Innovation in Drug Discovery and Pharmacotherapy Explored by the Study of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics".

As you can see in scientific programs of the recent meetings, a lot of symposia are included. In this meeting, many interesting symposia will be similarly organized by director's initiative session (DIS), which is organized by the council members of JSSX. Attractive joint symposia will be also organized by the different societies and our society. Furthermore, the Pre-doctoral Symposium for Front-Line Scientists, which was organized by students and young scientists and highly regarded in the last meeting, will be planned continuously.

We will prepare regional foods and special event(s) particular to Matsumoto for Banquet. We are looking forward to actively discussing various topics in fresh air and under the clear blue sky in early autumn of Matsumoto, Shinshu. All attendees can enjoy popular sightseeing spots, such as Matsumoto Castle, one of Japan's premier historic castles, and a beautiful and grand view.

Finally, I hope that as many researchers as possible come to Matsumoto and fully enjoy the meeting while being conscious of big streams of preclinical studies to clinical studies and of drug discovery and development to drug fostering and evolution.

Sincerely yours,

Shigeru Ohmori, Ph.D.
Chair of the 31st JSSX Annual Meeting